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OWLKEYME’S beginnings has an interesting tale and is the brain child of Nicole ‘Lamb Iovine. Through many experiences, Lamb had witnessed creative outlets literally transform the lives of Young people and give them inspiration to make decisions to shape their futures. It soon became time to create an organisation with other like-minded people to provide anyone and everyone the chance to dream big, live positively and find their pathway to happiness.

Our crew work with a broad range of people and groups from local communities, schools, community arts and cultural development organisations, individuals and anyone passionate about developing their creativity. OWLKEYME spreads Australia-wide from rural and remote locations to major cities and centers. Driven by the community needs OWLKEYME facilitates creative projects, workshops and hosts events. OWLKEYME sessions operate in a unique manner where the interests and passions of the participants drive the tasks, projects and outcomes. OWLKEYME aims to offer a service for artistic and personal growth that is not dictated by specific outcomes. Whilst the final product or performance is always motivating and enjoyable, it is the process and opportunity for the growth of the participants that is the most important and crucial outcome and the driving force of OWLKEYME sessions. 

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