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PROJECT INK – Heat Press Garment Printing


OWLKEYME originally formed this program to provide the organisation with hand made, heartfelt garments for our members to support the vision. Project Ink have evolved into program designed for Young creatives (and any aged volunteers) to learn the ins and outs to designing and printing garments for prospective clients and to showcase artworks via OWLKEYME’s platforms. 

There are several roles within project INK and OWLKEYME likes to give everyone a fair chance to learn all the elements and encourages participants to work within their comfort zones after stepping out of them.From computer programs to physically printing, peeling and pressing garments. There are many skills to be learnt. 

The sessions are organised organically as clients request orders and attendance is organised by availability. The participants take the clients’ project ideas and turns them into a printed product. Understanding how to operate printing equipment is essential to properly completing assignments, the participants are trained how to safely use the equipment and work within a team environment. The ability to delegate and prioritise assignments is also crucial to maximise efficiency. Witnessing participants completing orders from start to finish is beyond rewarding. 

We can not wait to help you out with any order small or large!


If you are interested in placing an order please email the owls

Some of OWLKEYME’s PROJECT INK finished products;