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OWLKEYME recently joined forces with “In School Yoga” another Perth based organisation, to assist in providing Yoga workshops to interested Perth Primary & High Schools. In School Yoga’s provides teenagers with practical tools they can use in their everyday life, helping them to manage stress, combat emotional situations, and maintain a general sense of balance and wellbeing. That’s what we like to hear! This collaboration offers more opportunity for emerging teachers to assist experienced facilitators and spreads an equally supportive vision that more Young People should roll out mats and delve into their heart space.

Bring on the ZEN.

In School Yoga’s Wellness Program is a 9 week program specifically designed for years 8-12. We are focused on bringing health and well-being into our school system here in Western Australia – giving these valuable tools to as many students as possible.

Program outline:
Meditation Meditation
Yoga Yoga
Breathing Breathing techniques to help them feel calm and focused
Stretching Stretching and strengthening the body
Mindfulness Mindfulness practices
Kindness Discussions around kindness, gratitude and optimism
Identity Identity and purpose
Journaling Journaling and reflective discussion

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