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Meditation isn’t for everyone. Sure it’s an age old technique to quiet the mind and does wonders to help people manage their stressful lives, but sometimes sitting still, all alone with your thoughts is the worst place to be when you’re feeling stressed.  So, we have a surprise for you! OWLKEYME have joined forces with Perth Rescue Angels to bring you a quiet afternoon of kittens, cuddles and contemplation. Join Head Owl Georgia Carter for a one hour guided meditation. Enjoy time with a group of rescue kittens and support two charities at the same time.

Do not fear! If you happen to get attached to any of these cute little furr balls? The option to adopt is available and highly encouraged. Spaces are limited so head to our ‘Shop’ section & purchase your pass ASAP.

Paws with us and breathe.

NOV 3RD – 3pm


3pm – 4pm

$25 Purr Ticket

$50 Ticket and Tshirt

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