Four Meets Sarah Alice Burns

Jordana Cernotta (Nicknamed Four) an Owl originally from Perth WA recently moved to Melbourne VIC to study Social work and get in and amongst the culture and creativity of the beautiful city. Last year Jordana set herself a goal to fly over and watch Beyonce live in London. Hard work, passion and drive saw her in almost the front row. OWLKEYME was lucky enough to connect with Sarah Alice Burns, one of Beyonce’s lead dancers. Also a Perth girl Sarah was delighted to answer 5 question Four had for her. Needless to say Four was ecstatic to be that little bit closer to Beyonce and is excited to share the wise words of a beautiful woman. Sarah is such a humble, honest, driven lady and we are so incredibly thankful to have had an opportunity like this for Four to ask some important questions…

1. Apart from dancing with Beyonce and JLO what do you like to do to get creative in your spare time?

I like to continue to being creative when I’m not working on a job or on the road. I like to write, listen and write music, or even just write in a journal it helps me express things and clarify the way I feel about things in my life. I love to cook and spend time by the beach. Hiking is always really lovely in LA so I try and get outside to exercise if I’m not in rehearsals at the dance studio. And also take dance class to keep inspired and challenge myself.

2. To all the young adults out there what is the one piece of advice you could share?

Listen to yourself ! Ask yourself why makes you happy ? What makes you smile ? Then follow that . Life is to precious to wake up everyday hating your job or hating where you live. Invest your energy into the things that make you happy and uplift your spirit . Surround yourself with people that think and feel that same about you .

3. Being in the spotlight surely you have put up with some ‘online haters/trolls’. How do you feel about negative responses on social media and around you?

Unfortunately because social media is such an influence in this day and age it’s hard not to take things said to you on the internet personally . I ignore the haters on social media even though I would love to tell them what I really think . It’s just not worth it . Jealousy is a curse and anything mean anyone ever says to you is more about them than about you . I try to remind myself with this when I’m going through a situation. Other bullying when it’s face to face is harder . And I’ve been through it . I know why it feels like to be left out to be talked about. But I remind myself that not everyone is going to like me whether it’s personal or not and I try to tell myself that I like me and at the end of the day that’s all that matters !

4. What was I feeling the first time I stepped on stage to perform with Beyonce?

I remember shaking hearing the roar of her fans on the first night performed. I was so nervous not just because I living my dream but It was the most unusual energy I’ve ever felt. I prayed before I went on stage to control my anxiety and my nerves. But that moment will forever play over and over in my mind. It puts a smile on my face just writing it.

5. Last of all what positive affirmation do you live by?

Nothing is impossible!