About us

‘OWLKEYME’S beginnings has an interesting tale and is the brain child of Nicole ‘Lamb’ Iovine. Through many experiences, Lamb had witnessed creative outlets literally transform the lives of Young people and give them inspiration to make decisions to shape their futures. It soon became time to create an organisation with other like-minded people to provide anyone and everyone the chance to dream big, live positively and find their pathway to happiness.

The name ‘OWLKEYME’ plays with the deeper meanings of ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Owls’.

  • Alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.
  • The Owl totem is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. With guidance you can see the true reality & what’s usually hidden to most, beyond illusion and deceit.

As an organisational name, ‘OWLKEYME’ symbolizes our belief that anyone can shape their own future. The ‘key’ to making change in your life is ‘me’ – Only you can ‘Create Yourself’. It is never too late to follow your dreams, just follow the magic inside you and with the guidance of the Owls we will do our best to assist you in sparking your light and creating your magic!

  • HEAD OWLS – Professional Artists
  • OWLS – Emerging Artists (13-25 Years)
  • OWLETS – Young Owls (Under 13 years)
  • NEST – Workshop spaces
  • OUR PARLIAMENT – All volunteers & Supporters

OWLKEYME is differentiated from other community development organisations as we offer real life experiences for Young people that are guided by their ideas and sense of direction. There is creative passion, experience and understanding driving the organisation. We work with a broad range of people and groups from local communities, schools, community arts and cultural development organisations, individuals and anyone passionate about developing their creativity. OWLKEYME works Australia-wide from rural and remote locations to major cities and centres. From community groups, schools, private dance studios, our team at OWLKEYME has worked on numerous youth focused projects with powerful outcomes and messages. We work with organisational goals and desired outcomes, but most importantly we work with the Young people. We have a grass roots approach where the voice of the young people has a direct influence on what projects they are involved in. We believe in sharing, developing and nurturing the skills of the future generation in a fun and motivating manner.

Each community we visit has its own unique vibe. Together our ideas are border-less as we are continually surprised and inspired by Young people.  Together, motivated, daring and supportive to fly free, be seen and ‘Create Yourself’.